Don't know what Valve Cover Racing is? Think "Pinewood Derby" for the Car Guy!

Valve Cover Racing is a competitive event similar to the Pinewood Derby that you might remember from your days in Cub Scouts. But the racers are made from a valve cover from an automotive engine, rather than of wood blocks. Competitors construct the racer using a valve cover, a chassis, axles, wheels and weights. It can be decorated or modified within the rules set by the organizing body. The Valve Cover Racer is powered by gravity.

In a Valve Cover Race, two or more Valve Covers Racers are placed at the top of a specially constructed incline. They are released at the same time and the first to cross a finish line at the bottom of the incline wins the race.

Northern Illinois Street Rod Association (NILSRA) has built a Valve Cover Racetrack and througout 2017 displayed it at various car shows and cruise nights.

For 2018, the Club intends to step up the pace and promote Valve Cover Racing at several cruise nights and car shows throughout the year. We encourage you to build a Valve Cover Racer and join the fun!

To download a copy of the 2018 Fiest Days Car Show Event Flyer, please click here: 2018 Fiesta Days Car Show Flyer.

To download a copy of the 2018 NILSRA Valve Cover Racing Flyer, please click here: 2018 NILSRA Valve Cover Racing Flyer.

To contact the Northern Illinois Street Rod Association, please write to us at info@nilsra.com


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